Valentines Letter From Angus Ogg

As part of the channeled Valentines Letters feature this year, I’m going up first again with my letter channeled from last night, the last night of the old moon.

As I’ve given you the option for General Messages for 2020 as an alternative, I consciously chose a Valentines Letter from the deities I work with on this: Angus Ogg, Quan Yin, Shakti, Lakshmi, Sarasvati, Vesta, Cupid and Mercury. You can read more about that here.

This year, the Letter came through much quicker than in 2019. It’s from Angus Ogg, and very different from the one I got from Vesta last year.
Not only is Angus way less formal than Vesta in his communication, but often I think his trickster-type energy (while entertaining) sometimes detracts from the messages. Other times, that aspect of him adds to the message. Not that he left me confused…okay, not by much. But the message itself was rather unexpected. His approach and language, naturally, is also way different from Vesta. While only Angus’ energy came through on the letter, just before and just after it felt like all the others were around at a much higher vibration than last year. At the very end, the group was back, giving Angus’ letter the thumbs up. I took this as confirmation of his messages rather than a critique of it 😀

So, you’re probably wondering about the letter itself.

The problem is not you

Angus addressed the way I’ve been feeling recently about love and being (still) single first. This I found comforting because he stressed: The problem is not you. As I was feeling a little down for most of the day, this message was very welcome. I’d have hated to have gotten a message that there was ‘more work to do on yourself’ which we tend think when the love we’re hoping for doesn’t manifest or is returned. So, yes, relief for me. Then he went on to explain a little about the delay in my meeting the guy for me. One of the factors that most of us are dealing with is Free Will—that of your future spouse or the beloved we’re waiting on. No one has control over that except your beloved/future beloved, so if they’re not ready to be in a relationship with you, our guides and the universe can’t do much about it other than wait for them to get their act together. What can you do?

Fortunately, Angus had an answer—an very unexpected and somewhat counter-intuitive answer: stop manifesting The One, Your Guy/Girl/Perfect Romance. Yep, it’s very counter-intuitive to what we’ve been told over the last eleven years or so, right? Forget the list, forget the visualizing, forget the vision-boarding when it comes to finding/being with your love. Use all that energy to manifest other things in your life—things that don’t require another’s Free Will to align with yours. ‘Leave it to us’ said Angus. Trust the Universe to get you with your Mr or Ms Right. He reminded me of the last time I did that and how it worked out much better than I could have imagined.

…stop manifesting The One, Your Guy/Girl/Perfect Romance…

This makes me feel much more hopeful about love and pointed out that perhaps I’d been concentrating too much on following others’ ‘formulae’ for love or what makes a good partner…I loved the situation and people the Universe brought me the last time I truly trusted it, so I’m going to do that again—truly!

So, last year Vesta left me with a ritual of sorts to do. I’m not sure if it achieved what we’d hoped with it, but it made me feel better.
This year, Angus left me some gifties, presenting me with little boxes to open because…well, it’s Angus’ style as far as I know. I decided to share three of the five with you. It’s reminded me of where I tend to drop the ball in my whole happiness/wellness/being in a higher vibration habits.

Gift One: Eat well and exercise.
This keeps your vibe constant and your energy higher.
Yep, you guessed it. When I’m stressed or lose my routine (which is often seeing how unsettled my life is) these are the first good things to fall to the wayside.

Gift Two: Start a new book or story.
Brand new, just for you!
This one surprised me until I realized that I’ve been revising and working on old story ideas. Except for Quest. But Quest isn’t mine as much as my other stories as it’s set in a collaborative universe and is managed by FV Press. When last did I write a crazy story just for me? I think it was back in Yulin, or maybe it was ‘Walpole Were’. Whichever, it was too long ago. Whatever shall I write ‘just for me’?

Gift Three: Empty Box
Fill it however you want, maybe with things that make you happy now, or happy for now:-D
After my initial confusion, I got it. I’d lost touch with what truly makes me happy and excited! It’s time to fill up on those things and pursuits that bring me joy.

So, there you have it, the crux of my Valentines Letter this year. I hope you find something helpful in my sharing it.

I have two others I’m channeling for this year. Requests for channeled Valentines Letters or General Messages are still open till 30 January 2020.
I’ll be sharing more from those letters and messages in February on this blog, and will probably also do a Ramble or two on all the messages/trends in the messages on my Patreon.

‘Til next time, take care and Trust!



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