General Valentines and Love Messages 2020

This is part 2 of my Valentines Feature. For part two and a look at my Letter from Angus Ogg, click here.

This year’s general channeling was a surprise to me. It went from extremely personal to talking about Love in a broader sense, and then back to specificity for certain individuals and collectives. I guess the feel and tone are reflecting the new epoch we’ve just ended with the 2020s! Everyone is on their own unique path to Love 🙂

A big trend in this years messages has been the acknowledgement of patience, and the indication that things are re-aligning. Personal power and confidence, being our authentic selves, and how we express ourselves were also highlighted.

We also got an assurance that this is going to be a good year—once you’ve spring-cleaned your energies—for Love and Finances. We were also reminded that we would always do better with more Love than Money. Then we were asked to re-evaluate if what we thought we wanted two years ago is still of importance now, because we’re quite likely to get it!

Shifting priorities and frequencies were also mentioned. The biggest question we were asked was: Who is your first priority?

These are some of the messages that stood out for me.

Love looks different through different eyes, but it is still Love nonetheless. And when someone looks at you with Love, how will you look back at them? Ask yourself what Love looks like for you—not in a person but as an action, as a communication. For many of you, you may finally see that Love=Quality Time Spent Together, or Love=Happy Memories Made. Ask yourself these questions as you haven’t asked them in too long a time.

New harmonies are coming into play. New friends, new colleagues, new situations…

Do not confuse knowledge with wisdom.

Remember your heart…
…sway with the music of the universe and to remember your true heart, your true soul.

Don’t dumb yourself down.
Take time for yourself.
Bear the burden.
And don’t contain your smiles!

Same as last year, we have individual messages from each deity. Here’s what they said…

Angus Ogg

Take time to be yourself. Take time to dream. Take time to share your dreams, if only with the trees and flowers. And take time to rest. You can’t experience Love well if you’re continually exhausted!

Quan Yin

Be yourself, but be aware that not everyone will Love you. Frequencies rise and frequencies fall like a dance, and only those with the most harmonious (and yes, discordant too) will stick around.
If Music be Life, the Soundtrack is changing 😀
Love yourself, be yourself and know that the one who hears your tune will dance it with you, and you to theirs. Allow the rhythms to merge…


All is well, all is good, but not always. Discernment must be exercised. Take it upon yourself to educate your mind, to discern when all is really good and all is really well. Don’t allow false or manipulative love to hold you to what is not well or what is not good. Communicate and educate. Understanding breeds True Love, and with this a discerning of what is truly good and when everything is truly well. You can’t hide secrets from discerning hearts and educated minds.


It is a Blessed Time because you have choice like never before. You can find your love anywhere in the world, or they may find you. It is a Blessed Time when paths will cross and recross, things thought impossible will happen, and being together—when it was oceans and ideologies that held you apart now bring the means to bring you together. It is a Blessed Time. You will be with your Love much more easily than you thought possible.


Dance, but do not become a slave to the rhythm. Sometimes standing still or slowly turning gives you the big picture with details. When you dance use the big picture with the whirling impressions to create your own expression. Call it Art, or call it Love. It brings balance to you and your relationships, and your relationships to you and your environment. Love is not merely a feeling. It is an Expression—an artwork of your relations to your experience.
The greater your expression of that or for that around you, the more Love you create, the greater your experience, the greater the cycle of Expressions of Love.


Old contracts are dissolved or are dissolving. Choose wisely your new ones. Choose wisely your new paths in Love. How to choose? Ah, that is the question. Wisely, my dear. But whose wisdom will you use? That is your ultimate choice in Love.


I shoot, but not blindly. Look, it’s been difficult re-matching singles. Be patient. Your Love is coming. Partnered: you’ve got it made. Make sure you have a date night once a week. I’m not saving any more arrows for you as that’s not fun any more. Love the one you’re with, as the song goes 😀


I’m with Saraswathi on this one. One more thing: try writing Love Notes again. Or Love Letters. Or Love Postcards. Digital is not for lasting love.

The final message from them all was:
We, and the whole universe, love you all!

Make of it all what you will, and!
May the Love you wish for be in your experience soonest<3

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