Cocooning Time

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your own personal cocoon…
that’s one way of looking at self-quarantine or a shut-down in your city/state.

For a mostly-introvert like me, it’s a chance to rest, relax, meditate and dream a new world. I haven’t had such a chance to do so in over nine years. I find it’s the best way to heal, grow and prepare to face the next day, week, month…or what would otherwise seem an insurmountable obstacle.

I almost miss living alone because in what is likely to be a very quiet time for those who live alone, it’s the best time to do those things you’ve been telling yourself you don’t have time to do: write, paint, read that series, binge-watch (but not too late ‘cos sleep is the best healer), or take up knitting and crafting again. Or perhaps it’s the time to finally learn a new language, or internalise an exercise routine or just make those calls to everyone you’d catch up with if only you had the time…

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I believe the universe is gifting most of us with Time—time to do what we said we’d do or try to do. Time to learn who we truly are. Time to confront and heal our deepest selves and fears, and time to celebrate that there are more options in our lives now than we thought we’d had before. While these options may not align with our current lifestyles, we now have the opportunity to preview and try out new life-choices: healthier choices, more personal choices, choices aligned with what we’d like to create in our future and who we’d like to be, or who we truly are.

It’s our time to cocoon. To dream a new world, a new life and to emerge with a plan or knowledge of the steps we need to take into a healthier, more responsible and happier future.

The universe will give us a chance to spread our wings soon. What will you be and do when you come out?

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As for me? I’ll let you know when my wings are fully formed 😀

Wishing you stay safe, in great health and of good spirit!


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