All The News: October to November 2020

A New Release!

Curiosity Finds A Way, a short and flash-fiction collection, is my newest release. It’s now available on GooglePlay Books, Overdrive, Apple Books, B&N, and other regional stores.
For late October-November 2020, it’s also in Prolific giveaways (see below) if you’d like to snag a review copy.

This collection features some stories you’ve seen on this blog as well as some familiar to my patrons. Two are exclusive to this collection—my two favourites! You can read short extracts and find out more about the contents and some Curious Facts about a few of the stories on the book page.

Where Have You Been?

Not to visit the Queen, but hanging out with pussy-cats and familiars, plus the odd alien and poet over at the Open Mic Challenges. Run by Cosmic Roots And Eldritch Shores, these challenges have been exercising my creativity and brain-cells as I try my hand at more than limericks! If you’re up for a challenge, fancy winning some bragging rights, a badge for your blog and a free subscription to my favourite (yes, I’m totally biased) science fiction and fantasy mag, you’ll want to dash over to CRES’s OpenMic.

I’ve also been spending a lot more time producing stuff for my awesome, beautiful patrons! Mostly audios, a few episodes of Ryan Ramirez, and freebie ebooks and discounts, too! They were the first to get comp copies of Situation No Win and Curiosity. If you’d like the same with access to a library of over 200 exclusive posts subscribe from just $1 a month. Or type fiction, tarot, pick a card, and fun in my Patreon page search function to find my public posts and free downloads 🙂

Out again. It really is!

I told you Situation No Win is out, right? Right? I honestly can’t remember. This year…This year! But, hey, it’s finally given me the time to have gotten Situation done and dusted! Which is good! ‘Cos I’ve gotten precious little written since. Nevertheless, I have a few more tweaks and touches I’ve had planned for this blog, my other blog, and my other projects before I can go happily swimming into new and redrafted stories.

And then I’ve been getting back into teachery stuff…

Teachery Stuff, Again?

So, finally, I took the dive into Thinkific Land with my already prepped and presented Tarot For Storytellers that was hosted by SavvyAuthors last year. I’ve broken the course into a mini-intro course to help you make your own tarot and oracle cards, and then the main course where we learn the spreads for writers/storytellers (plus readers and marketers) and everyone else interested in learning more about applying tarot and LeNormand creatively.

The one on the left is Getting Started With Tarot For Storytelling.

The mini-course is LIVE and FREE but I’m having some issues loading all the video for the main course. I’m almost sure it’s my creeping-crawling internet (I swear actual Kreepy-Crawlers clean whole pools faster), seeing how I’ve had similar issues uploading video elsewhere. So, the main course—Tarot For Storytellers—should be up sometime when Netflix is down and no-one is streaming!

I miss those good ol’ days of 2018 when early morning and late evening mean double to triple upload speeds…

(PS. Mercury Retrograde has just now brought in an early gift and I have faster internet! Thanks, Merc! Revised time TFS course going live: unknown, but a whole lot sooner!)

Those Giveaways…

Please note the links are only active from the first day of the giveaway. Be sure to enjoy more from the range of offers from my fellow authors 🙂

All Genre
Happy Halloween! The Trick-Or-Read Group Giveaway, hosted by the Prolific Works team, has something for all genre-lovers and some non-fiction, too. Claim as many as you’d like and enjoy !

Will you discover your new favourite world? Preview chapters and read full books without spending a cent. You just could find your next favourite author or series!

Congrats To Friends!

Epeki Chovwe on the release of Dominion—An Anthology. Read my review of it on CRES and stay tuned for my interview with Epeki. I ran into some tech difficulties and it’s on my urgent list to get out. Before Christmas, I promise, Epeki!
S.Shane Thomas on his new venture into non-fiction and metaphysics!
Joel Roosa, CRES staffer and long-time Critter, on selling his AllWorlds based story to Rogues Blades Entertainment for their No Ordinary Mortals anthology. For more on AllWorlds, read some of Joel’s Empyreal Archives episodes on

And thanks to you!

Yes, you! This October marks the official fifth anniversary of this site, while this year marks my sixth year as a writer 😀
Thank you for supporting my blogs, and for supporting me on YouTube and Patreon, too! Most of all for, thank you for reading more and more of my work!

New cover I Find Myself Charmed by Leenna Naidoo

I so appreciate it and love that you’re choosing my eBooks on a greater number of sites like Overdrive and GooglePlay Books. Recently, over 1000 of you read I Find Myself Charmed (still free to read on all sites (except Amazon, because Amazon). It’s such a gift to have my very first published eBook still reaching new readers everyday! It’s the kind of confirmation any writer appreciates.
So, thank you, awesome readers!

Sending you lots of love and good, good vibes!


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