Tired Old Cupid

While writing some verse for the OpenMic Challenge Eros,
Cupid dropped by for a rant. Here’s how it went…

Yelled tired old Cupid.
“Almost matched you with that one, running rings around enough to make me daft.
Bet you thought he’s the one, she’s the one—it was meant to be.
Hit the wrong target? Who? Me?
More like you can’t see how I work my craft.
I just shoot out arrows of possibilities; up to you to make one stick.
But you just stand there like a brick.
Yelled tired old Cupid.
Lineart cupids by OpenClipArt Vectors and Clker-Free-Vector-Images via Pixabay.com

Yes, I thought he was getting a little personal there, but it makes me laugh. Poor old Cupid. I always hear him speak in a very Londoner accent. Maybe because of this:

Eros photo by TheOtherKev via Pixabay.com

If you’d like to enter the OpenMic 5 For 5 Eros Challenge, step this way…
I’ve posted another little poem, Dear Cupid, over there.

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