​Discussing Authentic Story Settings

A few weeks ago, my writer friend Vida Li Sik interviewed me for her new YouTube Channel, Vida And Coffee. She’d love the vivid settings in Situation No Win and decided to get my take on how I evoked such settings in my stories.

  • Settle Down Now Book Cover by Leenna Naidoo
  • New cover No Distance To Run By Leenna naidoo

It was a nice chat, and when Vida requested some photos to go with the video, I thought I’d share them here with you, along with some links to posts that also feature settings from Situation No Win, No Distance To Run and Three Million’s A Crowd.
For a very special discount on Situation No Win and No Distance To Run, be sure to scroll down in the description of Vida’s video.

Watch/listen to the video and explore the photos and links below to get more visuals and experiences I wove into the stories.


Interviewed by Vida Li Sik

Situation No Win

More about the locations and experiences in these posts:
Xi’An (Chinese New Year)
Read an excerpt of Situation No Win

No Distance To Run

More about the locations and experiences in these posts:
Read an excerpt from No Distance To Run

Three Million’s A Crowd

More about the locations and experiences in these posts:
Read an excerpt of Three Million’s A Crowd
Three Million’s A Crowd Is Out
Three Million’s A Crowd Soundtrack


“No.” Auma seldom raised her voice. The lower it got the more she’d sink into her stubbornness. “I’m going back.” She turned, her lower lip sticking out in her determination.

Interview With Camilla Monk–Author of the Spotless Series

Camilla Monk graciously agreed to an interview with this fangirl. Note, for Spotless fans, there are small spoilers for Book 5 (Ancient Aliens) and Book 4 (Butterfly in Amber). If you’ve never read a Spotless book, prepare to be intrigued by Island (yes, that’s her name) and March (maybe it’s his name). And if you…

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