About me

Writer, creative, tarot reader, mind/imagination stretcher; that’s me.

I grew up with books; surrounded by them even as a baby. Now I create them. So I know stories and stories know me. It’s why I don’t often have writer’s block – that and the fact that I tend to work on three to five projects at a time. It’s a slightly insane but works for me.

I got my first camera when I was eleven or so. I’d wished for a Brownie like the ones Agatha Christie characters used to have, but ended up with something that wasn’t even a Kodak. My camera was a no-name brand, but it took decent enough colour photos which have since turned pinkish with age. Now I have a Canon D10 – bright cyan and silver with a Zeiss lens. It’s awesome; full of character, shrugging off clattering falls, sandstorms and sudden downpours. Even better is the clarity of its shots. It’s turned me into a decent photographer. I’m waiting see how the digital files endure time.

I didn’t know I was a creative until I got into DTP. I realised I loved working in Photoshop, Illustrator and Freehand. It’s developed in me an eye for visual harmony and detail I never thought I’ve ever have.

So how did I become a mind/imagination stretcher? It was mostly my big brother’s doing. He’s a geophysicist, not a geopsychic. I’m was always asking him why this and why that and why can’t (mostly over Sunday lunch or dinner). He complained I was stretching his mind. Ditto dad when I asked him. But it’s a good thing. Big brother’s mind has been stretched satisfyingly far for a geophysicist. But m_Leenna at AQWAI can’t take all the credit – just some 😀


What I still want to do:
Where do I start? I’d like to write a screenplay again or try writing a gaming-script. Meaningful copy and content is always a must for me when I’m not working on my novels. I’d love to research and document some treasure hunt, aboriginal folklore of Western Australia, marine mysteries and quantum physics. I want to never stop creating and learning, just like you.heart in sand

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