The Bagua And Other Stories

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From mad scientists to familiar aliens, to Irish gods who only make Halloween dates, and the odd dragon making an unexpected appearance, they’re all here in this collection of micro-, flash- and short-fiction.

Meet the shape-shifters and the scientists who just may be able take some tails too far. There’s the depressed love-lorn lady who meets a surfer-dude of note, and the cookbook writer hosting the Dark Man of Erskine. Have a beer with the geologist who knows their unalienable right, while you try to spot Medusa, if you can. And if it’s all too much, let the ELFs save you, or find your most cost-effective way to Mars.
This collection of Leenna’s short fiction includes works both previously published, and never-before seen. There’s something for the holidays, the dreary days and those strange days too.

I Find
Myself Charmed

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New cover I Find Myself Charmed by Leenna Naidoo
I Find Myself Charmed

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