Flash fiction scif fantasy by leenna Naidoo

Flash Fiction Story: sci-fi-fantasy

He was strong; his father was stronger. He was experienced in such matters; his father infinitesimally more so. He was smart; and when it came to his father, the jury was still out on that one. Torm’s smile was grim. Continue reading Flash Fiction Story: sci-fi-fantasy


Inge Saunders: Choices To Collaborations

It’s great to chat to Inge Saunders once more. She’s been very busy exploring different writing universes within romance writing. In fact, she’s gone back to her first love, much like myself – the paranormal. But unlike me, she’s been … Continue reading Inge Saunders: Choices To Collaborations

My Secret Nemesis? Underwear Model!

So it was that in fits of boredom many months apart, I played the same love/dating quizzes in a row, certain in the knowledge that I would get the more…normal (shall we say) responses the second time around. Imagine my utter shock when both times (both!) returned the very same answer!
And now you’re wondering what those were and why they are so shocking. Continue reading My Secret Nemesis? Underwear Model!