What’s this story called? And catching up with the Em-dashes

“So spill!” I said as I placed my cup on the low table.

Audrey took me literally as she set her mug down next to mine. “You’re never gonna believe this!” she began, then grabbed my arm for emphasis, or perhaps she was afraid I was going to run off. “Munro’s applied for Treasure Seekers! And Celia’s partnered with him! They were both accepted as a team; can you believe it!”
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Noisetrade: Dispersing Beautiful Music

I’ve meant to write about Noisetrade.com since April, soon after I started downloading from the music and eBook site. For a music fan like me, it’s been nothing but a boon. I’d joined to help distribute my eBooks and find more readers, and became a fan of some truly gifted and inspiring music artist in the process. Some of you may know I depend a lot on music to help keep me focused on the feel or action of my work in progress. I’ve found so much great music on Noisetrade to help me with that, that I very seldom … Continue reading Noisetrade: Dispersing Beautiful Music

Surviving Oblivion — still confounded…

With the start of the Smashwords Summer/Winter sale, I was surprised at the interest in my two short stories: Slipped Up and Surviving Oblivion. While Slipped Up is a pretty standard supermarket magazine mystery, Surviving Oblivion is not — in … Continue reading Surviving Oblivion — still confounded…

Roos and Unalienable Right

With my eyes so opened, it quickly became a case of ‘once seen, cannot be unseen’. Now that they had revealed themselves to me, I started to spot them everywhere, and hear the strangest stories about them too, like the family of kangaroos who’d gotten into a vineyard… Continue reading Roos and Unalienable Right