Microfiction: Who Where How

A short tarot themed story for you 🙂 Happy Valentines Day! Don’t slip up now. I shuffled the tarot pack. Who was my soul-mate? With a deep breath, I picked three cards then set them down one by one on the velvet cloth: the who, where, how… Who: Freedom. The eyes of the athletic man in the image burned into mine and I almost dropped the card. Would he know, this soul-mate, how I longed to experience real love and freedom, not this shallow excuse for a life? Where and how: The Fool and The World. The Fool looked like … Continue reading Microfiction: Who Where How

My Secret Nemesis? Underwear Model!

So it was that in fits of boredom many months apart, I played the same love/dating quizzes in a row, certain in the knowledge that I would get the more…normal (shall we say) responses the second time around. Imagine my utter shock when both times (both!) returned the very same answer!
And now you’re wondering what those were and why they are so shocking. Continue reading My Secret Nemesis? Underwear Model!

Let’s Not Do The Time-Warp, yeah?

I know there were two white dogs, one of which kept falling into the pool and then having to be helped out.
I know there was a fun-run and numbed hands from fishing for water and cool-drinks from the ice-tub.
I know there were a few cool days, but mostly relentless heat which must have short-circuited my brain and so led to this deplorable memory loss and/or loss of time… But there are a few clues of what I’ve been up to. And as for December, well, we’ll get to that… Continue reading Let’s Not Do The Time-Warp, yeah?

An Interview with a Gamer and A brief personal account

You’ll never get your potential boyfriend to leave these digital worlds. And why would you when you could easily join him and save a few worlds and souls together. At the very least, you’ll improve your hand-eye co-ordination. At the very best, you’ve joined them and beat them! Continue reading An Interview with a Gamer and A brief personal account