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Channelled Valentines Letters Plus Messages For You

Three very brave people requested the channelled Valentines Letter from one of the six deities. Siren Tarot was one of them, and the other two I’ll keep anonymous. While meditating, I waited for the deity with the messages to come … Continue reading Channelled Valentines Letters Plus Messages For You

Microfiction: Who Where How

A short tarot themed story for you 🙂 Happy Valentines Day! Don’t slip up now. I shuffled the tarot pack. Who was my soul-mate? With a deep breath, I picked three cards then set them down one by one on the velvet cloth: the who, where, how… Who: Freedom. The eyes of the athletic man in the image burned into mine and I almost dropped the card. Would he know, this soul-mate, how I longed to experience real love and freedom, not this shallow excuse for a life? Where and how: The Fool and The World. The Fool looked like … Continue reading Microfiction: Who Where How