Flash fiction scif fantasy by leenna Naidoo

Flash Fiction Story: sci-fi-fantasy

He was strong; his father was stronger. He was experienced in such matters; his father infinitesimally more so. He was smart; and when it came to his father, the jury was still out on that one. Torm’s smile was grim. Continue reading Flash Fiction Story: sci-fi-fantasy


S Shane Thomas Talks Paleolithic Fables, LARC, and Other Universes

I first stumbled across S.Shane Thomas’ work in our crit group. I was taken by his microbiological approach to space travel and colonizing in his short story Chasing Stars, which is now a part of his short story collection LARC Transmissions. … Continue reading S Shane Thomas Talks Paleolithic Fables, LARC, and Other Universes

Surviving Oblivion — still confounded…

With the start of the Smashwords Summer/Winter sale, I was surprised at the interest in my two short stories: Slipped Up and Surviving Oblivion. While Slipped Up is a pretty standard supermarket magazine mystery, Surviving Oblivion is not — in … Continue reading Surviving Oblivion — still confounded…

Roos and Unalienable Right

With my eyes so opened, it quickly became a case of ‘once seen, cannot be unseen’. Now that they had revealed themselves to me, I started to spot them everywhere, and hear the strangest stories about them too, like the family of kangaroos who’d gotten into a vineyard… Continue reading Roos and Unalienable Right

Readers Speak: Science Fiction and Fantasy

I’m also grateful to have gotten responses from three continents and a variety of age-groups. This small sampling of readers still point to trends I find worrying, underscore where and why I should cringe as a writer/publisher and generally provided me with much illumination as both reader and writer. Continue reading Readers Speak: Science Fiction and Fantasy