My Writers’ Secret Sauce Cupboard…
This isn’t your usual writers resources. It’s a little quirky, a little different, and hopefully, will help you write something unique as you flesh out those ideas pinging about your mind…
Here you’ll find useful interviews and articles, a few of my very own resources including the The Less Than Definite Guide To Paranormal Romance hosted Sciencefantasyhub, tarot assisted resources and other bibs and bobs.


Title for Guide To The Lands Of ParaNormal Romance

My WIP Paranormal Romance Guide to help you take a trope and run with it, or avoid a trope like crazy.



A growing list of interesting articles by various writers of various genres. Hosted by my friend, S.Shane Thomas.


Tarot/Oracle Assisted Character Profiles

Job Career Of Future Spouse/A Character (free on my Patreon)



Tarot/Oracle Assisted Story/Event Inspiration

If My Life Were A News Headline (free on my Patreon)



Writers Prompts

Over on my Patreon, scroll down for unique writers prompts and writer’s advice for you.


Helpful Blog and Guest Posts

Through The Slush-pile With the CRES Team

On Writing Episodic Fiction With The Fiction Vortex Team

On Writing Non-Fiction With Sheena McGrath

On Writing Short Magazine Fiction With Pravina Maharaj

Readers Speak: Science Fiction And Fantasy

Five Revision Vexations And Their Silver Linings

Microbiology For Writers And The Curious—A Primer

An Interview With A Gamer And A Brief Personal Account

Gram Without Boundaries: Katie McCoach

Advice For New Writers


Topic Interviews

Inge Saunders: Choices To Collaboration

Interview With Alan Dean Foster: Writer, Educator, Adventurer


General Interviews


Rita Kruger (New Writer—multi-genre)

Dorothy Ewels (Romance/Suspense)

S.Shane Thomas Talks A Paleolithic Fable, LARC And Other Universes

I Had To Ask: Carlyle Labuschagne (YA/Romantic Suspense)

Interview: Jason Rennie (then editor of SciPhi Journal)

I Had To Ask: Shannon Legler Illustrator And Creature Creator

I Had To Ask: Christoph Weber (Science Fiction)

Love Finds A Way: An Interview With Kathy Bosman (Romance)

Joycelin Leahy: Illustrator, Storyteller, Artist