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Posts include:

Living A More Sustainable Life (Free)

Virgo Birthday To Birthday Challenge 2019 to 2020

Fun: If My Life Were To Make The Headlines This Month

General: Why The Delay? Love And Career

Love Singles: How Do They Show They Really Really Like You?

PAC Projects: Is The World Ready For It

Flash fiction: Fire And Ice (Long Journey)

Leo Birthday To Birthday 2019 to 2020

Ramble: Advice For Connecting To Higher Frequencies

Ramble: Behind The Scenes Quest S1

Your Current Potential

Cancer Birthday To Birthday

Gimme The Good News SuperQuick 1

Green Tourmaline The Next 6 Months

Azurite: The Next 6 Months LeNormand

Iolite: The Next 6 months LeNormand

Love: My Next Romance

Self-care: Spiritual Check-in

Love: Twinflame Graduate-What Next?

Self-growth: How To Find The Playfulness

Gemini Birthday to Birthday 2019-2020

How Do Others At The Interview Perceive You

General: Advice For Your Next Event

Self-care: You and The collective

Taurus Birthday to Birthday 2019-2020

Sneak Peek-The Next Two Weeks

What is This Song Trying to Tell Me

March April Tarotscope 2019

Clues To My Twinflame (3 parts)

Relationships: Where And How Can I Meet New Friends Or A Romantic Partner? (Free)

Fortune: What Unexpected Wonderful Thing Is Coming My Way Over the next 3 weeks or so?

Love: What is Love and Romance Bringing In for The Next 3-4 weeks?

About that Job/Promotion

What’s Just Around The Corner

How Did/Will You Meet Your Soulmate (Free)

Who Wants you to call? (Free)