Quest For The Wholly Pale

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Emrys Lailoken is just a small planet boy until the Gray Wizard curses him to seek the Wholly Pale. When his foster father the wizard Lailoken disappears, Emrys takes to the stars on his desperate quest. Accompanied by the six-fingered Dierder and his cryptic pet Parchment, Emrys must survive unicorn assassins, a corny priestess, questionable gnomes, and two shadowy organizations to succeed. Old Lailoken taught him well, but with a sneak thief on his trail, Emrys can’t afford to be spacey or he may lose everything—his life, his heart, and any chance of true love.

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Quest For the Wholly Pale Episode Guide

Quest for the Wholly Pale Episode 1Episode 1: Emrys Meets An Old One

Aboard The Queen Magnificent. Graandas the unicorn, an Old One, gives Emrys a clue to help get rid of the curse: Find the resting place of The Great Merlin.


Quest for The Wholly Pale Episode 3 teaserEpisode 2: The Great Melee

Avonnear. Emrys receives clues to two locations for the resting place of the Great Merlin. But first he has to save the Lady Maizeson of Avonnear from a terrible, terrible monster.

Quest For The Wholly Pale Episode 3Episode 3: Tears, tears and Temporals

Orcadia. Emrys discovers there are many, many resting places of the great Merlin. The gray-eyed thief attempts to steal Parchment again. And the local gnomes show an unhealthy interest in the fragile Parchment, too.


Quest for The Wholly Pale Episode 4 adEpisode 4: Trolls and Trojans

Camelless5. With the Magic War on, Emrys finds it’s problematic to reach the next resting place of Merlin. The local Rockmetal Troll Tribe is his only hope, but first he has to honor their Mother Alluvia.


Quote Quest For The Wholly Pale Episode 5Episode 5: In Truth We Seek

Emrys is kidnapped and stranded, learning some hurtful truths in the process. It’s enough to drive any young wandman insane!


Episode 6 excerpt Quest For The Wholly PaleEpisode 6: Checked Out

Central Lyberry. Emrys finds the curse closing in on him while all he wants to do is be with his True-Love–books! Fortunately, Dierder, and possibly a new friend, are looking out for him.


Episode 7: Disillusion
Tellus. Emrys finds some truths had to digest during a crystal screen shoot.


Episode 8 A Trifle Too Much

Episode 8: A Trifle Too Much

Orcadia: Grandfathers, the grand scheme of things, grand designs, and a grand gesture may all prove a trifle too much for old hero, Emrys.


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