Quest Personality Quiz: Emrys

Illustrated by Vivian Belenky

25-30 Emrys

Some call you a naive romantic, others are in awe of all you can do. Not that you give any of this any thought, either because you’re slumping into/out of a mild depression or too excited at the world around you. Most likely a Gemini, Libra, Cancer or Virgo, you love learning, books, travelling, new experiences, family and doing what’s right!

You hate being lied to almost as much as you dislike seeing injustices go ignored. It’s not that you’re a do-gooder, it’s more like some weird responsibility compels you to help when you know you can.

And it’s not that you’re not fun. You have fun all the time. It’s just that others may not count your idea of fun as fun…But you do have a wonderfully open-mind, aren’t generally judgy, and have a great sense of humor. So, most people don’t know what to make of you. Shall we say you’re personable? Let’s not forget intuitive, sensitive and a quick learner. You also know your limits and can guess other’s too. You’re a work in progress turning into a masterpiece. Just thought you should know that and own it.

Book cover Quest for the Wholly Pale by Leenna Naidoo

A young wandman on a fool’s quest. A six-fingered former thief with a taste for a good brew.
An animate parchment born of magic and a boy’s despair. The one’s Emrys Lailoken, the other his best friend and companion Dierder, and the third, naturally, is Parchment. Together they will learn what disaster spells like, how randomly love casts its nets, and just how far a bad old-fashioned pun can take you.
Full of feint-hearted wizards, feared less young witches, and the occasional needling demon, this story will have you seeing stars…and the odd planet.

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