Quest Personality Quiz: Parchment

13-18 Parchment

You’re probably an Aquarius or Aries. Need I say more? Okay, you’re usually in a finding-my-feet phase most days. It’s not that you don’t learn or grow. It’s more like you prefer perfecting your learning so you’re satisfied you know everything you could possibly know about something—or someone. This can make your relationships pretty intense, yet still you insist on exploring codependency and related issues.

People have called you a swot. These same people often revise their opinion of you and give you strange looks. The word that most springs to mind when asked to describe you is Enigmatic. The next word would be Strange.

That said, when people get to know you, they’ll find you have a big heart, and are a loyal and sensitive friend. You’re pragmatic and need a lot of rest as you’re a highly sensitive being.

You’re observant, and your loved ones are constantly surprised by your actions and depth of feeling.

Swot you may be, but a great, loving friend too!

Book cover Quest for the Wholly Pale by Leenna Naidoo

A young wandman on a fool’s quest. A six-fingered former thief with a taste for a good brew.
An animate parchment born of magic and a boy’s despair. The one’s Emrys Lailoken, the other his best friend and companion Dierder, and the third, naturally, is Parchment. Together they will learn what disaster spells like, how randomly love casts its nets, and just how far a bad old-fashioned pun can take you.
Full of feint-hearted wizards, feared less young witches, and the occasional needling demon, this story will have you seeing stars…and the odd planet.

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