Roos and Unalienable Right

With my eyes so opened, it quickly became a case of ‘once seen, cannot be unseen’. Now that they had revealed themselves to me, I started to spot them everywhere, and hear the strangest stories about them too, like the family of kangaroos who’d gotten into a vineyard… Continue reading Roos and Unalienable Right

The Man of Your Dreams (TMOYD™)

Judicious application of Steps 2 to 4 along with religious application of Step 1 will ensure that you will have absolutely no chance of meeting your own TMOYD. If, for some incredible reason these steps should fail you, there are nine more steps you could apply, but we can’t go into them here. My advice to you would be to persistently apply these four steps, using them as a shield, whenever you feel in danger of meeting TMOYD. Continue reading The Man of Your Dreams (TMOYD™)