Twin-Flame: Romance in 25 words

He steps close. Oblivious she… Continue reading Twin-Flame: Romance in 25 words


Three Million’s A Crowd Soundtrack: Second Chances blog tour

Brave Baby by Plastic Skateboard

Another song which is fairly new to my playlist. Again, this one evokes the desert/coastal locations for me and those long hot roads. It also mixes the strong desires and emotional conflicts perfectly. Besides, both Vivian and Munro were trying to be cool, and had to be brave instead. Continue reading Three Million’s A Crowd Soundtrack: Second Chances blog tour

Let’s Not Do The Time-Warp, yeah?

I know there were two white dogs, one of which kept falling into the pool and then having to be helped out.
I know there was a fun-run and numbed hands from fishing for water and cool-drinks from the ice-tub.
I know there were a few cool days, but mostly relentless heat which must have short-circuited my brain and so led to this deplorable memory loss and/or loss of time… But there are a few clues of what I’ve been up to. And as for December, well, we’ll get to that… Continue reading Let’s Not Do The Time-Warp, yeah?

Surviving Oblivion — still confounded…

With the start of the Smashwords Summer/Winter sale, I was surprised at the interest in my two short stories: Slipped Up and Surviving Oblivion. While Slipped Up is a pretty standard supermarket magazine mystery, Surviving Oblivion is not — in … Continue reading Surviving Oblivion — still confounded…

Roos and Unalienable Right

With my eyes so opened, it quickly became a case of ‘once seen, cannot be unseen’. Now that they had revealed themselves to me, I started to spot them everywhere, and hear the strangest stories about them too, like the family of kangaroos who’d gotten into a vineyard… Continue reading Roos and Unalienable Right