I Had To Ask: Christoph Weber – Author

I like to try new things, and that’s part of what I love about writing. If I want to know what it’s like to be a pilot, I talk to a pilot and write a story. A doctor? Same thing. A photosynthetic psychopath with wings? Well, it was hard to find one for an interview, but I wrote that story, too. Continue reading I Had To Ask: Christoph Weber – Author


An Interview with a Gamer and A brief personal account

You’ll never get your potential boyfriend to leave these digital worlds. And why would you when you could easily join him and save a few worlds and souls together. At the very least, you’ll improve your hand-eye co-ordination. At the very best, you’ve joined them and beat them! Continue reading An Interview with a Gamer and A brief personal account

Personal Reflections

Noah’s Ark. I’ve been thinking about that story these past couple of days. First there was Cheryl Strayed’s essay (a reading for the Writing 201 class) and her rather harsh question: “Imagine if there were a boat upon which you could put only four people, and everyone else known and beloved to you would then cease to exist. Who would you put on that boat? ” (Cheryl Strayed – The Love of My Life) This question resonated with me. It’s similar in essence to what Christine Arylo and Lissa Rankin have been saying about being mindful of those whom you … Continue reading Personal Reflections

The Man of Your Dreams (TMOYD™)

Judicious application of Steps 2 to 4 along with religious application of Step 1 will ensure that you will have absolutely no chance of meeting your own TMOYD. If, for some incredible reason these steps should fail you, there are nine more steps you could apply, but we can’t go into them here. My advice to you would be to persistently apply these four steps, using them as a shield, whenever you feel in danger of meeting TMOYD. Continue reading The Man of Your Dreams (TMOYD™)