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  • Ebook cover unsettled by leenna naidoo prequel to Settle Down Now
  • Settle Down Now Book Cover by Leenna Naidoo
  • New cover I Find Myself Charmed by Leenna Naidoo
  • New cover No Distance To Run By Leenna naidoo
  • Short story cover by Leenna Naidoo

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New cover No Distance To Run By Leenna naidoo

Witness to a murder; denied police protection, Sammi has no option but to run. Though the longer she runs, the shorter the distance she seems to be from her pursuers…


South Africa, roadtrip, telepathic

With a backpack weighed down by a mystical artifact, Tom has to use all his resources to stay one step ahead of killers, greedy corporate types and, most unsettling of all, an English teacher who’s stolen his heart.


China, ancient relic, action

Reviewers are saying: I loved this Indiana Jones-type of adventure – exotic locations, a chase after ancient artefacts, a handsome, clever and resourceful hero and a heroine who stands her ground and holds her own…I could not put it down until I got to the end.
Vida Li Sik, Goodreads.

Settle Down Now Book Cover by Leenna Naidoo

Billionaire Charmaine Donnet’s search for Mr Right has gone public . She’s interviewing potential Mr Rights live on air, and on board the beautiful yacht, The Sunflower. When one of the Mr Rights goes missing on board, Charmaine is not sure she will survive this desperate Hart’s cruise.


Indian Ocean, reality TV, murder

This young wizard’s no fly-by knight.
A young wandman on a fool’s quest. A six-fingered former thief with a taste for a good brew. An animate parchment born of magic and a boy’s despair. The one’s Emrys Lailoken, the other his best friend and companion Dierder, and the third, naturally, is Parchment.

science fantasy

wizard, witch, adventure


Short story cover by Leenna Naidoo

Sighting: Possible Canid.
Location: Walpole, Western Australia
Status: Developing

Shy forester, Ash, just wants to meet the beautiful new renter in the forest cabin and research that strange spoor he’s spotted. Things get complicated when the tracks turn out to be a werewolf’s, and the renter a cryptozoologist.


werewolf, cryptozoologist, Australia

What’s in the juice?
Angie accompanies her engineer husband to Mars to spend more quality time together. But with Kieron working hard, she’s got more than enough time to wonder at the strange changes and caginess of the locals. Does the unverified report of an ET visit have anything to do with it? Angie becomes certain there’s something in the juice the locals won’t share, but what could it possibly be?


werewolf, cryptozoologist, Australia

Ebook cover unsettled by leenna naidoo prequel to Settle Down Now

Working holidaymaker, Charmaine Donnet, is happy in Edinburgh. She’s got great friends, even the one dealing with depression. She’s landed a great job at PFI and her workmates are the supportive, fun types. The only thorn in her side is Robert Hart. He’s stolen the better entry position from her, and is working on stealing every feminine heart on the second floor. But Rob could be stealing more than a few steps on the ladder and affections.

Women’s Fiction

Scotland, finance, prequel

Three Million’s A Crowd (novella):
3 Million eyes,
2 desperate hearts,
1 second chance.
Munro Calliston needs to win a few million. Vivian Francis needs to win back Munro. The TV reality show ‘Treasure Seekers’ seems the perfect route to a win-win situation…But can two so very wrongs ever make things right?
Not That Kind Of Guy (romance). Spiked (flash fiction). Slipped Up (Mystery).
Ride The Wave, Kiss The God.

Women’s Fiction

second chance, treasure, reality TV

Short Stories And Collections

Here you’ll find the loquacious detective trying to shake off the god of lurve, a sister or two out for revenge, a trio of sweet lovers with a touch of magic, and a good old-fashioned whirlwind romance on a modern tour of Scotland. Not forgetting some contemporary inspiring peeks and a reminder that the human touch, with a healthy dose of curiosity, can’t ever be replicated.


action, journey, magic

Meet the shape-shifters and the scientists who just may be able take some tails too far. There’s the depressed love-lorn lady who meets a surfer-dude of note, and the cookbook writer hosting the Dark Man of Erskine. Have a beer with the geologist who knows their unalienable right, while you try to spot Medusa, if you can. And if it’s all too much, let the ELFs save you, or find your most cost-effective way to Mars.

Science fiction
Quirky humour

paranormal, love, adventure

New cover I Find Myself Charmed by Leenna Naidoo

A snack-time reading. Six short stories of unexpectedly finding The Perfect One. 
So I’m Sitting Here
The Charmer
Sometimes Here, Sometimes There
Curse of the Wedding Bouquet
A Distant Love


love, magic, second time around

Short Stories

Does Santa still have the magic to help her find the right man? Nothing short of a letter or two will tell.


humour, Santa, manifesting

Two short stories:
In far-flung mysterious China, two foreigners discover the secrets of The Temple Heavenly Falsities despite the language barrier.
In South Africa, Trishnen returns home to find so much, yet so little has changed.


humour, Santa, manifesting

Her ex is adamant she join him for the end of the world and beyond, but she’s convinced it will all end in tragedy.
The end of the world is nigh, and this school teacher is convinced that there’s a better way to survive it than being enclosed in the smallest of spaces with her ex, and whole lot of baggage.
A short story read, perfect for a commute of coffee-shop read.

General fiction
Short stories

end of world, decisions, hope


Ryan Ramirez has come to China to find his destiny, only he doesn’t know it. He thought he’d come to translate manuscripts at the HuiShan Monastery in the Mu Desert. He thought he’d find his soul-mate along the way. Now, the abbot of the monastery is missing, everyone is tense, and Ryan keeps losing visitors on the trek up to the monastery.


action, China, parallel worlds


A short humorous guide for singletons with a simple 10 step program.
For all singletons actively looking to avoid their dream man, and for those who are seeking and learn better through being told what not to do, this handy guide will prove invaluable. Utilising both common-sense and hard-worn experience, this guide will change your perspective in one quick, easy read.


romance, love, man of your dreams


“No.” Auma seldom raised her voice. The lower it got the more she’d sink into her stubbornness. “I’m going back.” She turned, her lower lip sticking out in her determination.

​Discussing Authentic Story Settings

A few weeks ago, my writer friend Vida Li Sik interviewed me for her new YouTube Channel, Vida And Coffee. She’d love the vivid settings in Situation No Win and decided to get my take on how I evoked such settings in my stories. It was a nice chat, and when Vida requested some photos…

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