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Newest releases

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New cover I Find Myself Charmed by Leenna Naidoo

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“No.” Auma seldom raised her voice. The lower it got the more she’d sink into her stubbornness. “I’m going back.” She turned, her lower lip sticking out in her determination.

​Discussing Authentic Story Settings

A few weeks ago, my writer friend Vida Li Sik interviewed me for her new YouTube Channel, Vida And Coffee. She’d love the vivid settings in Situation No Win and decided to get my take on how I evoked such settings in my stories. It was a nice chat, and when Vida requested some photos…


Leenna has been blogging since 2014, writing fiction since 2009, reading tarot since 1998, and reading ever since she can remember–even her mum’s old history books wherein she made editor-type squiggles…

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